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Our 5+ years experience of ranking clients’ websites on Google and other search engines makes us the best SEO agency in Lagos Nigeria. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which revolves around increasing, not only the quantity of traffic but quality traffic to your website. It is the process used to optimize your website to increase the number of organic, unpaid users from search engines. We know this sounds complicated, but you have nothing to worry about because we are here to help you improve your SEO. From demystifying Google algorithms, researching quality keywords and writing optimized content, we make sure your audience finds you and takes the desired actions. With proper SEO, you won’t need to advertise on Google or other search engines to be found and noticed by your target audience. Our SEO process is what makes this possible and stands us out.
  • Website Audit – Upon an agreement with us, we will look through your website to see why it is not on the first page of Google. This gives us an idea of the technical errors to fix on your website to achieve results faster.
  • Keyword Research – What are the terms your target audience are searching for on Google? We research the most quality and used keywords that will bring massive traffic to your website and get conversions. Armed with these keywords, we start the process of getting you seen. This is what makes us the best SEO agency in Lagos Nigeria.
  • Off-page & Technical SEO – With the right keywords already discovered and used on your website, we start the off-page SEO process of getting links to your website. Trust us to get you the best quality links to increase your rankings on search engines.We will also ensure that your business is listed on local search listings such as Google Business and Maps. This is called local SEO.
  • Competitor Analysis – SEO can be likened to warfare. You must always keep an eye on your competitors and outrank them on search engines. This is why we research their strategy and beat them at it. We ensure you outrank your competitors.
  • Monitoring – After getting you to the top, we don’t just leave you. We keep monitoring your progress as well as your competitors’, so you can remain at your spot. This is what makes us different from other agencies.


Most frequent questions and answers
Unlike other digital marketing services where you start seeing results almost instantly, it takes at least 2-3 months to get your website to the first page of Google. Your niche/industry will allow us make an informed time estimation. SEO involves consistent work and patience to get the desired results.  Agencies who promise to get your website on the first page in days or few weeks will get your website penalised and totally ignored by Google forever because they use blackhat methods that Google frowns at.
We send reports to clients monthly. The reports give you a breakdown of the process, the results, the keywords you are ranking for and their positions and how many visitors they have brought to your website.
Because we want to focus on your work, we give an assurance of results in 3 months. If we don’t rank your website on the first page within that period, we will refund you. This makes us the best SEO agency in Lagos Nigeria because we guarantee results.
You can track your SEO progress yourself by searching for the keywords we agreed on through Google to see your current position. Your website analytics will also show you your progress over time. 
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