3 mobile device targeting options on Facebook and Instagram

3 mobile device targeting options on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook offers a lot of targeting options for advertisers to reach their target audience. Targeting options are available for photographers willing to reach Facebook users with upcoming anniversaries, people who prefer high-value products, page admins, frequent travelers and a lot more.

Some advertisers may be interested in reaching people who use particular mobile devices. For example, it will be a waste of advertising budget to show ads for an iPhone app or iPhone accessories to Samsung users.

In this article, I will take you through the different Facebook ads mobile devices targeting options open to advertisers.


At the ad set level, you can select which devices you want your ads to be shown on.

  • At the placements section, choose Manual Placements

  • Scroll down and click Show More Options
  • You can edit which device you want to serve ads to

At this point, you can add which specific mobile devices you want to target.

  • If your campaign is targeted at users of certain OS versions, you can indicate the minimum operating system for your campaign.

You can also exclude specific devices you don’t want your ads shown on. In this example, I don’t want my ads served to Samsung users.

You cannot target your ads to specific android and IOS devices with the same ad set. You will have to create separate ad sets for specific devices.


You may want to target users who own specific devices. With Facebook’s detailed targeting, you can target such users whether they are using the device at the moment the ad is served or not. You can do this by using the behavioural detailed targeting.

  • Scroll to the Detailed Targeting section
  • Search for the device type and model you will like to target.

You can also target people who use a particular device to access their Facebook accounts.

If you do not want your ads to be shown to people using certain versions of the same device type, you can exclude them from your targeting. E.g Target iPhone users and exclude iPhone 6 and 7 owners.


With this targeting option, you are serving your ads to people who have expressed interest in a specific device but do not necessarily own one. This could be users who have interacted with content on this device. E.g. Liked pages related to the device type, shared or commented on a post on such devices etc.


Based on the type of campaign you are running, you can combine some of these mobile device targeting options. You may not know which option will work for your campaign, hence, you should test them and decide using the data and results gathered.

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